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Jacek Olinkiewicz


Berlin, Germany


Commercial Offices, Commercial offices, High rise, Housing, Refurbishment, Residential, Tall buildings, Warehousing




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Project Manager Architekturbuero R.Lichtl Jan 2017 - Present Berlin, Germany


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Tom Spilsted
When a subcontractor who has signed and returned the subcontract never receives a contract signed by the main contractor, does a contract exist?
Asked by Tom Spilsted, 5 months ago
It depends also on local regulations of a given country. It is quite obvious in many countries that the written form of construction contract is requi ...
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Tom Spilsted
Do you have any lessons learnt on controlling costs of refurbishing historic buildings?
Asked by Tom Spilsted, 6 months ago
I refurbished about dozen of historical buildings and my basic lessons are:- hire a real expert for historical buildings to provide due diligence and ...
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Steve Hardy
How will you be using the Construction Innovation Hub's newly launched 'Value Toolkit' ?
Asked by Steve Hardy, 6 months ago
Steve, the Value Toolkit seems to be applicable as a superior structure to optimize delivery of values for customers. Especially a complex value model ...
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Nick Atkinson
Why do designers not design riser flooring for a riser shafts in multi storey buildings?
Asked by Nick Atkinson, 6 months ago
They are used sometimes in larger shafts, but usually they bring no real functional advantage. It can be even disturbing, for instance if you have fir ...
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Steve Hardy
Who is liable for design errors which are the product of Artificial Intelligence?
Asked by Steve Hardy, 6 months ago
Liability for design error is a notion related to civil law. Only the persons (bodies / entities) mentioned in civil law can be responsible for errors ...
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