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Perovskite Solar Paint Technology

15 September, 2020

Will Perovskite based solar paint gain a foothold in the construction industry?




Permitted Development Rights - A new suite of government legislation taking effect in August 2020 will have wide ranging implications for development in England.

1 August, 2020

Here are three excellent articles by Claire Fallows of Charles Russell Speechlys Solicitors which are essential reading for developers, contractors or consultants considering projects under 'permitted development' legislation.

Planning permission

Permitted Development

Adjudication with an Insolvent Party

26 July, 2020

Mr Adrian Williamson QC of Keating Chambers provided a useful talk in a webinar on the recent Supreme Court decision in Bresco Electrical Services Ltd (in Liquidation) v Michael J Lonsdale Electrcial) Ltd [2020] UKSC 25.

Reimagining infrastructure in the United States: How to build better. A paper by McKinnsey & Company

7 July, 2020

Infrastructure agencies need to prepare for two very different scenarios - a sharp rise in funding or a precipitous drop.




CRUX INSIGHT - Claims and dispute causation a digital perspective, a guide published by HKA based on research and experience. “To reduce the prevalence of disputes, our industry must better understand and manage complexity.”

5 July, 2020

I am very pleased to introduce CRUX, HKA’s integrated research programme, and our first CRUX Insight report. Its analysis provides valuable insights into claims and dispute causation for major capital projects around the world on which we have provided cl

Seizing the day: Positive change from lockdown for the construction and infrastructure industry. A Balfour Beatty paper.

5 July, 2020

A view across the construction spectrum looking forward as to how the industry can build on the flexibility and ability to adapt as shown through the lockdown. Nine key recommendations, well worth a read.

Cost management



Social Value

The future

Five lessons learnt from converting the SEC into the Louisa Jordan Covid-19 hospital. An article in Building Magazine 5 June 2020 by Graeme Watson of AECOM

21 June, 2020

This article is an extract from one describing how the Scottish Exhibition Centre was converted Into a hospital in 23 days. Five key lessons are noted 1. Collaboration, engagement, and a focus on first principles. 2. Design transparency and quality cont


Project management

Design management

Design interfaces


Liquidated damages during Covid-19 pandemic - A webinar by Hawkswell Kilvington 30 April 2020

15 June, 2020

What are liquidated damages? The procedure for deducting. Serving notices.the effects of Covid-19. Concurrent delay. Has there been a change in the law?


Concurrent delay



Contract notices