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  • CIPS - Contract Law: Hints and Tips 01092020

    In the podcast from CIPS and Haward Soper you will see some slides incorporating Hawards PhD and a discussion on the following: 1. How do you make a contract work? 2. What does cooperation mean? 3. What is the basis of a good contract? 4. What do you do if you get it wrong? 5. Top 5 tips for success?

  • Metroun - Advantages of FIDIC, 15122021

    FIDIC is one of the most, if not the most used construction contract around the world, with it being used in the Americas, Europe, Africa & Asia. There are other standard forms of contract available, but FIDIC is one of the oldest and is still as popular today as it was a century ago. This video is going to take a look at some of the biggest advantages of the FIDIC contract with a view to explaining its popularity

  • Metroun - Advantages of JCT, 26012022

    JCT stands for ‘the Joint Contracts Tribunal’ and has been in use since 1931, making it one of the most longstanding and well used standard construction contract in a vast number of different countries. JCT is one of the big players when it comes to construction contracts, so this video is going to take a look at some of JCT’s biggest benefits and advantages.

  • Metroun - Collateral Warranties, What Purpose Do They Serve

    Insolvency is a huge risk in the construction industry. What first seems like the perfect project, can quickly become the perfect storm. Sometimes, the beneficiary of a construction project can all of a sudden be left with no contractual link to project stakeholders. This is where Collateral Warranties come in. This video discusses what Collateral Warranties are and the purpose they serve.

  • Febwick Elliott - Understanding Arbitration Agreements, 25112021

    Fenwick Elliott’s Katherine Butler and Olivia Liang look at the nuts and bolts of arbitration agreements, covering: the choice to arbitrate, essential elements of arbitration agreements/clauses, drafting points and how these agreements interact with the underlying contract.

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