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  • Constructacademy - Cost Value Reconciliation, The Definitive Guide to CVRs, 20032021

    This video explains the basics of a CVR, why they're useful and more importantly how to prepare one. This is the most requested topic from Constructacademy viewers and Richard Wimbush gives a comprehensive explanation of the CVR process. CVRs are an important tool in construction reporting but they are often misunderstood. This can be as a result of the CVR template being too complicated or poorly interpreted. If you want to know how to compile a CVR then look no further than this video

  • Cost benefit analysis template - Published by You Exec

    Have you ever wondered where to start on this when challenged in a meeting. Well maybe this template will help with a straight forward cost benefit analysis approach.

  • Costing Steelwork June 2022 - AECOM, BCSA, and Building

    This quarter’s Costing Steelwork provides an update of the five previously featured cost comparisons covering oces education industrial retail and mixeduse

  • Mace - UK Market View Q1 2022

    The attached report by Mace provides their view on the UK construction market "Construction orders look strong as we go through the first quarter of 2022 however this growth is likely to be tempered by geopolitical factors driving rising oil and gas prices. This, combined with inflation, interest rate and taxation rises will put pressure of the cost of living, the cost of borrowing and construction costs which in turn may translate into a slowing of growth in the economy over the medium term"

  • Building - Cost model - Low carbon frames, 21022022

    Structural frames are one of the biggest contributors to embodied carbon, but issues with data quality and design approaches have made tackling this difficult – until now. Aecom cost consultant Mark Claridge and structural engineer Adam Parkes walk us through the options, obstacles and opportunities

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