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Eugene Kouumdjieff

Tech Entrepreneur, Investor & Founder of E-Man Venture Labs, a leading startup incubation lab with offices in London & Los Angeles.


London, United Kingdom


Commercial, Telecommunications




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Non-Executive Director (Product & Technology) Construo Oct 2018 - Present
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Founder E-Man Venture Labs Jan 1999 - Present London, UK


Steve Hardy
How would i spot 'warning signs' that a company i am in contract with may be heading towards insolvency
Asked by Steve Hardy, 9 months ago
A few other signs could be:- If they need payment in order to get the next batch of materials to site- If they're calling you the week after submittin ...
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Sean Ruddy
How should a PQS reallocate prelims on a project which is in delay and no extension of times have been awarded?
Asked by Sean Ruddy, 10 months ago
@Tom Spilsted could you please copy and paste the link to that PDF resource in your answer. Many thanks!
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