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  • Precast concrete enhances functionality, presenter says

    Jim Schneider highlighted use cases of three different buildings during a session at the National Institute of Building Sciences’ conference in Washington, D.C., Thursday.

  • Recycled cement ‘miracle’ hailed by Cambridge University

    Researchers at the University of Cambridge have developed a process for recycling cement which could allow the production of low-emission concrete at scale. The post Recycled cement ‘miracle’ hailed by Cambridge University appeared first on Construction Management.

  • Cement and concrete: The importance of innovation in achieving net zero

    Innovation in technology, AI, materials and manufacturing processes will be essential to the transition of the cement and concrete industry towards a net zero future, writes GCCA chief executive Thomas Guillot The post Cement and concrete: The importance of innovation in achieving net zero appeared first on Planning, Building & Construction Today.

  • Masonry supplier failed on machine guarding

    A concrete products manufacturer has been fined after placing its employees at risk.

  • Construction freight hub plan set to double concrete batching

    Plans have been submitted that will see Bow Goods Yard in Stratford become “the belly of London”, with the creation of a major new rail hub capable of transporting up to 3.5 million tonnes of construction material to sites across the capital. The Network Rail… The post Construction freight hub plan set to double concrete batching appeared first on Construction News.

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  • Acra Screed

    Acra Screed manufactures award-winning concrete Screed Rail Systems for concrete placement. Accurate to within half a millimetre with depth ranges from 50mm to 1.2 meters deep.Suitable for super flat floors or floors on grade.

  • Ambar Kelly Ltd

    Ambar Kelly developed a bespoke designed and manufactured riser flooring system which is predominantly cast in the structural frame of any type. Further, it can also be used in refurbishment projects accommodate many pre-existing characteristics, mean one product deals with all requirements. The special features of the product improves the buildability, safety, cost control of projects in relation to riser shafts, that occur in every multi storey building in the world.

  • WhiteStar Packed Products

    WhiteStar Packed products are a UK based, bagged product manufacturer. Specialising in Cement based products. All of our products are packed on state-of-the-art packing lines to ensure all products are packed the same way, providing quality and consistency for our loyal customer base. Our leading product is our High Strength Cement - CEM 1 - 52.5R. This is a completely pure OPC, with no additives mixed into the blend to ensure the Highest Strength Cement available. This pure blend also ensures a consistent light grey colour, and a smooth finish every time meaning it is ideal for Casting or Manufacturing concrete products such as Fence posts, paving slabs and lintels.

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