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  • Lack of semiconductor strategy branded ‘act of national self-harm’

    Ministers have vowed to publish a strategy to tackle the semiconductor shortage “as soon as possible” after a high-profile MP branded the delay an “act of national self-harm”.    Darren Brown, chair of parliament’s business, energy and industrial strategy committee, criticised the government following its… The post Lack of semiconductor strategy branded ‘act of national self-harm’ appeared first on Construction News.

  • The Benefits of Ground Penetrating Radar Technology in Paving

    When it comes to asphalt, measuring pavement density is key to building longer-lasting roads. Paving contractors must ensure that the pavement is compacted enough to ensure long-term asphalt health. In addition, identifying the percentage of air voids in the overall placed pavement mix is the accepted measure of evaluating this key factor to the integrity […] The post <strong>The Benefits of Ground Penetrating Radar Technology in Paving</strong> appeared first on Civil + Structural Engineer magazine.

  • So chatbot, talk to me about construction…

    Conversational chatbot ChatGPT has been used for everything from composing music to writing student essays. Could it have a role in construction? The post So chatbot, talk to me about construction… appeared first on Construction Management.

  • AEC Jan / Feb 2023 Edition out now

    Empowering the ‘Digital Master Builder’, augmenting Revit workflows, workstations galore, plus lots, lots more The post AEC Jan / Feb 2023 Edition out now appeared first on AEC Magazine.

  • 400km hydrogen pipeline planned for North Sea

    Plans have been revealed for a new 400km pipeline underneath the North Sea to transport hydrogen produced by offshore wind farms to the continent. Proposals have been put forward by gas transmission firms Gascade and Fluxys that would see the 400km-long AquaDuctus line initially connect… The post 400km hydrogen pipeline planned for North Sea appeared first on Construction News.

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  • World Economic Forum - Accelerating Sustainable Finance Ep 3 - Financing the Net Zero Transition in Emerging Market 23112022s

    A perception exists that investing in climate solutions is too risky, particularly in emerging markets. How can this outlook be challenged to reassure investors? Makhtar Diop, Managing Director of the international Finance Corporation, explores how the deployment of first loss guarantees, clearer contracting guidelines and consistent regulation can accelerate the path toward a net zero transition.

  • Building Magazine - Cost Model - Cancer Care Centres, 16062022

    Improving cancer outcomes is a core NHS goal and a focus of the UK Life Sciences Vision. The challenge is to deliver cancer centres that provide highly effective, technologically advanced care and support as well as research and education. Aecom's Richard Mann and NBBJ's Jane McElroy explain, with a sample cost model

  • FT - Banking on the cloud, 04072022

    This video highlights that Banks are moving to the 'cloud' which allows them to access data and computing  services over the internet. The advantages and benefits are confirmed by Michael Ruttledge (CIO & Head of Technology Services for Citizens) and Mohit Joshi (President of Infosys)

  • TED - Al Gore - We Have to Stop Destroying Our Future, 23052022

    Al Gore takes stock of the current state of climate progress and calls attention to institutions that have failed to honor their promises by continuing to pour money into polluting sectors. He explains how the financial interests of fossil fuel companies have blocked the policymaking process in key countries -- and calls for a global epiphany to take on the climate crisis. "Do not give up hope," Gore says. "And remember always that political will is itself a renewable resource."

  • Bill Gates - Solving for Zero, a great series on climate change, 15042022

    One of the best ways anyone can help fight climate change is to learn about where emissions come from and how we can eliminate them. Solving for Zero, a series from Wondrium, which I participated in, is a great place to start

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