Questions tagged Construction-management

Anshul Jain

Are you familiar with construction timelapse monitoring technology?

Asked by Anshul Jain, 6 months ago 1 Answers
Dennis Salazar

What are the chances that the Contractor can get additional variation works on a D&B mode of contract aside from: 1. Client initiated changes?

Asked by Dennis Salazar, 10 months ago 2 Answers
Paula Boihmane

What are you thoughts on outsourcing modelling work? How it affects your business, working experience?

Asked by Paula Boihmane, 10 months ago 3 Answers
QR Estimators

Do you like to perform cost estimation through old methods or by latest softwares?

Asked by QR Estimators, 11 months ago 4 Answers
liiban farah

What is expected from an architect when he is done with the design process and what are the documents needed from him or her?

Asked by liiban farah, 1 year ago 2 Answers
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