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  • Obituary: Irvin Richter, 79, Pioneered Construction Claim Resolution, Project Management Consulting

    Innovator who founded and led claims and project management consultant Hill International in the 1970s and became a widely sought expert in both fields, died of complications from a stroke on June 22.

  • 10 Cost-Saving Tips for Efficient Construction Project Management

    The construction industry is known for very low profit margins, with few companies being profitable enough to sustain expansion. Project management plays an important role in cost control and profitability of construction companies since it influences the cash flow of the business. Regardless of how low such direct costs may be, they can make a […] <p>The post 10 Cost-Saving Tips for Efficient Construction Project Management first appeared on</p>

  • Alstom inaugurates joint venture for Hefei’s metro expansion

    French rail engineer Alstom has inaugurated a joint venture in Anhui Province, near Shanghai, where it will build a factory and offer project management and maintenance services. Hefei Alstom Rail… The post Alstom inaugurates joint venture for Hefei’s metro expansion appeared first on Global Construction Review.

  • Canary Wharf project management framework winners expected at end of year

    Up to eight consultants expected to be shortlisted in next few weeks

  • How Solar Time Lapse Cameras Can Benefit Construction 

    There are just some things that technology can do better than humans. These digital advancements continue to play a crucial role in enhancing efficiency, safety, and project management. One such thing that has gained significant traction in recent years is the use of solar time lapse cameras. These innovative devices offer a range of benefits […] <p>The post How Solar Time Lapse Cameras Can Benefit Construction  first appeared on</p>

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  • BIM Execution Plan (BEP)

    This BIM Execution Plan (BEP) is your comprehensive guide to achieving excellence in construction. It’s meticulously prepared by Virtual Building Studio (VBS) and offers a streamlined approach to project management, enhanced collaboration among stakeholders, and unmatched precision in project execution. Here’s what you will find in the BEP:

  • Top 10 Dynamo Scripts for Revit

    Explore these top 10 Dynamo scripts to enhance your Autodesk Revit experience. These scripts offer valuable solutions to common design and project management challenges, making your workflow more efficient and productive.

  • Benefits of Using BIM Services

    Exploring the benefits of using BIM Services to streamline the processes of the construction Industry.

  • Association for Project Management - NEC Term Service Contract (TSC), 18102022

    The NEC Term Services Contract is a contract for a physical service for a defined period of time rather than for a project. However it does provide for mini projects as 'Tasks'. The session looked at the basics of: - putting together the contract and - contract management

  • Metroun - What Are Turnkey Projects - The Pros & Cons, 22062022

    This video takes a look at what 'Turnkey Projects' are and an explanation of what advantages and disadvantages they can bring to a client

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  • Revamp - Plan, Track & Build

    Revamp - Plan, Track and Build is the first UK based simple and affordable software designed by builders for builders. ‍You are not alone in the problems you face be it as a self builder, developer, contractor or one man band. The solution is available with our app. Pound for pound we are by far the champion when it comes to affordability, one price, one plan, all access! ‍Simplicity is key. 'If it's easy i'll use it', was the voice of many trades whilst developing so that is what we have done. UK based for support, advice, feedback and a software developer on hand for any technical help you may need. Our mission is to create a transparent environment for both builders and homeowners to have a successful working relationship.

  • Genuine Recruit

    Genuine Recruit is construction recruitment company that recruits construction professionals for construction companies.

  • Geo-Gem Contractors

    Geo-Gem Contractors ranks amongst the best construction companies that offers solutions in the area of Architectural design and planning, construction, building construction and renovation, project management, procurement, general contractors and lot more

  • ProjectPro

    ProjectPro powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is an all-in-one construction software and a cloud-based construction management solution designed for contractors. It helps in tracking project progress and streamlines construction accounting. ProjectPro with capabilities such as Certified Payroll Report processing, Progress Billing, Project Management, Subcontractor Management, Job Quoting helps contractors to increase revenue and improve profits.

  • Encliptic

    We understand that successful innovation is impossible without the brilliance of human imagination. We empower you to bridge the gap between physical and virtual environments by creating meaningful customer experiences. Our vision is to cultivate and grow within a global ecosystem centred around creating lifelong value.

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