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Timothy Lloyd
Right to suspend the works - Notice period conflict
Asked by Timothy Lloyd, 2 weeks ago
Thanks @Steve Hardy. I would agree with what you and @Tom Spilsted have both said. Unfortunately the period in the Act is a minimum and is not subje ...
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Tom Spilsted
Is adjudication achieving its original goal of improving the construction industry's cash flow using a quick and accessible approach?
Asked by Tom Spilsted, 1 month ago
Notwithstanding some of the issues associated with adjudication, it is still a far far (far!) better option than arbitration (IMHO anyway). If done r ...
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Tom Spilsted
When a subcontractor who has signed and returned the subcontract never receives a contract signed by the main contractor, does a contract exist?
Asked by Tom Spilsted, 5 months ago
As Anne has said, it depends. However, a contract may be formed by the subsequent conduct of the parties (if they proceed with the work after the sub ...
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Andrew Crawford
Is measurement for valuation a dying art?
Asked by Andrew Crawford, 1 year ago
Time pressures caused by the use of modern technology (i.e. everything has to be instantaneous these days) have had the biggest impact I believe.
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