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  • JCT changes to cover bombs, asbestos and epidemics

    Contractors will be able to claim an extension of time and costs if asbestos or unexploded bombs are unexpectedly found during a design-and-build job, under new changes to the JCT contract. The Joint Contracts Tribunal (JCT) yesterday (17 April) published a new edition of a… The post JCT changes to cover bombs, asbestos and epidemics appeared first on Construction News.

  • Did the coronation entitle contractors to an extension of time?

    Thomas Haller is a senior associate at law firm BCLP This year there was an extra bank holiday to celebrate the coronation of King Charles III. But did this extra bank holiday entitle the contractor to an extension of time under a JCT contract? First… The post Did the coronation entitle contractors to an extension of time? appeared first on Construction News.

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  • Thea Limited

    We are a team of solicitors and a barrister who draft and negotiate construction contracts and deal with disputes under them. We can review your existing terms and conditions or draft bespoke agreements for you. If you have a dispute over payment, we can write the letters before action that lead into formal proceedings such as adjudication or litigation, or respond to such letters and proceedings on your behalf. Alternatively, one of us can act as mediator and help guide all sides towards a settlement. We have additional expertise is commercial leases and matrimonial law, especially proceedings involving children. Feel free to call for an initial no-obligation chat to see if we can be of assistance.

  • Chronos Consult Ltd

    At Chronos Consult we strive to deliver excellence in all aspects of project scheduling. Our mission is to provide the highest quality service to our clients, achieved by our client focussed approach, our commitment to the project and by drawing on our extensive experience and expertise.

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