Is it time that the JCT and/or NEC enable the parties to set out the methodology of Delay Analysis and how to deal with Concurrent Delay?

Asked 1 month ago
2021-01-28 17:44:17

Is it time for the JCT and the NEC suite of Contracts to include a provision in the printed standard form that permits the parties to include in the Contract the ability for the parties to:

(a) Define the definition of what Concurrent Delay is?

(b) Select the method of delay analysis to be adopted when issuing the impact of notices of delay and making a
decision on whether the Completion Date shall be extended or not?

(c) Choose the methodology of delay analysis regardless of whether there is Concurrent Delay or not?

The FIDIC Yellow Book does permit the parties to set out the way in which Concurrent Delay is dealt with in the Contract Particulars

Any thoughts?