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Tom Spilsted

How is inflation being dealt with in Compensation Events on NEC contracts? Has anyone experience of this so far?

Asked by Tom Spilsted, 4 months ago 1 Answers
Tom Spilsted

Is the NEC approach to agreeing the account and time as they occur the correct approach?

Asked by Tom Spilsted, 8 months ago 1 Answers
Andrew Crawford

Why is the JCT and NEC forms of Contract so dominate in our industry?

Asked by Andrew Crawford, 1 year ago 1 Answers
Steve Hardy

When can revised quotations be submitted for the same Compensation Event under an NEC 3 contract?

Asked by Steve Hardy, 2 years ago 3 Answers
Tom Spilsted

What do I need to know about Procurement Schedules?

Asked by Tom Spilsted, 2 years ago 1 Answers
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