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  • Construction Management - Can modular make it? May 2023

    Is modular housing finally about to go mainstream – or remain a niche player? Kristina Smith speaks to trade body Make UK Modular and other industry players

  • CNBC - The multibillion industry hoping to fix the world's housing crisis 14022022

    With a housing supply shortage plaguing most of the world's urban centers, could factory-built houses be the answer? The $105 billion modular home industry thinks so, touting eco-friendly houses that can go from production line to plot in just a few weeks. However, modular homes have some perception issues to overcome first. Watch the video above to get an inside look at the industry hoping to revolutionize the construction sector.

  • Get It Right Initiative - Off-site manufacturing; is it the panacea for construction error? 30062022

    The latest event in GIRI's fourth series of discussion forums focussed on the role that off-site manufacturing has to play in error reduction, with interactive sessions, presentations, and a guest presentation from Knight Architects’ director Tom Osborne, about the ‘Flow Bridge’. The forum invited participants to consider whether off-site manufacturing is the panacea for construction error or whether there are wider implications that we don’t yet understand

  • Construction News - Enter the MMC advisor, a new role that could transform construction, 10112022

    RIBA acknowledges that DfMA and MMC require a different approach to projects and recommends an addition to the professional advisory team - an MMC advisor - that guides the pre-construction team, ensuring that all MMC-related factors are properly assessed

  • IOSH - Fire Risk Management (5 of 6) - Basic principles of fire safety, Designing for fire safety 10022022

    Three of the aspects of good [fire safety] design outlined here address ‘design’ in the sense of: - compliance with roles and responsibilities, such as those of Principal Designer and Principal Contractor in the CDM Regulations 2015 - the functions of excellence in fire safety leadership and competence in management to design work processes and plans effectively and efficiently - and the sense of satisfaction in proper ergonomic design of facilities to give safe operations and maintenance.

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