How do you quantify the benefits of off-site Manufacture v traditional delivery models?

Asked 4 months ago
2020-09-28 20:09:37

What are the most appropriate range of metrics to use, can these be high level generic across the industry or the industry sector or do they need to be refined down to particular types of projects or OSM solutions?

To what extent is sufficient cost/benefit analysis data available to help make key design decisions at an early enough stage in the project life cycle?

Can programme comparisons be adequately modeled across the entire project life cycle or are they generally limited to specific elements of the timetable ?

Is there are minimum proportion of OSM needed for a project or elements of a project in order for the benefits to be realised?

What are the key pinch points or bottlenecks to be avoided when integrating elements of OSM with traditional, and why are they so?