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  • Tim’s Vardo Build

    Tim Smith contacted me and shared with me his Vardo project that he completed recently. Here is what he had to say. For more details be sure and click on the link at the end of the story. I built a teardrop trailer a while back after seeing a Vistabule camper at the Minneapolis RV ... Read more The post Tim’s Vardo Build first appeared on Tiny House Blog.

  • How to Buy the Best Organic CBD Hemp Flower Near Me

    People are fast moving towards the use of organic hemp because of the many benefits of cannabis products. Organic CBD hemp flowers are grown under precisely controlled conditions by skilled experts without the use of chemicals and insecticides. Also, they are dried and packed carefully and sold by legit sellers.  If this is what you […] The post How to Buy the Best Organic CBD Hemp Flower Near Me first appeared on

  • So chatbot, talk to me about construction…

    Conversational chatbot ChatGPT has been used for everything from composing music to writing student essays. Could it have a role in construction? The post So chatbot, talk to me about construction… appeared first on Construction Management.

  • Payment disputes helped send M&E firm under

    The Environmental & Process Engineering Group sank after 47 years in business last November

  • Stone me!

    Skanska is rolling out the use of steel-free rebar

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