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Ken Taylor
How do we improve quality and right first time Construction?
Asked by Ken Taylor, 2 weeks ago
Competent construction project managers ensure that every task is executed at the right time, without any major accidents on the site. To ensure clien ...
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liiban farah
What is expected from an architect when he is done with the design process and what are the documents needed from him or her?
Asked by liiban farah, 1 month ago
There are different stages of providing architectural design services. Whether it’s a design-build work process for architectural, commercial, or indu ...
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Tom Spilsted
How can I ensure that short range programme dates for my sections / packages are met on a project?
Asked by Tom Spilsted, 2 months ago
Hey Tom,If you have to meet the deadlines of a short-range program, set your plans carefully. The following things should be considered at the incepti ...
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Dismas Matete
What are motivation of completion certificate to a contractor in construction activities
Asked by Dismas Matete, 3 months ago
A certificate of completion for construction constitutes the document, which is certified by numerous stakeholders involved in a project, such as the ...
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Tom Spilsted
Why does the industry have so many leaks in roofs?
Asked by Tom Spilsted, 3 months ago
TOM,Construction industries often have leaks in a roof.  Several points of vulnerability occur while draining a commercial roof. So, construction indu ...
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