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Steven Dawson


London, United Kingdom


Commercial offices, Residential



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University West of England, Bristol Sep 1991 - Jun 1994


Sukh Singh
What are the various applications of VDC in construction?
Asked by Sukh Singh, 1 week ago
Hi SukhSome of the VDC applications include:- Virtaul Reality;- Augmented Reality;- Drone Surveys;- Internet of Things (IoT); and- 3D Printing... as s ...
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Sukh Singh
What are the benefits of BIM Services
Asked by Sukh Singh, 3 months ago
Hi SukhBelow are a few web links (including an article in Building Magazine and a link to HMC Architects web page) which outline some of the key benef ...
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Tom Spilsted
Why has the take up for Project Bank Accounts been so slow?
Asked by Tom Spilsted, 5 months ago
There has been a slow take up in the public sector over the last 20+ years, although current Government departments and projects using PBAs include:-H ...
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Tom Spilsted
Has the traditional main contractor role become a "construction integrator" when all trades are subcontracted anyway?
Asked by Tom Spilsted, 4 months ago
I am assuming “Construction Integrator” is referring to the co-ordination and integration role of the Main Contractor? If so, I think this role has al ...
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Rebecca Lovelace
Where can I find a list of all the professional bodies, trade associations and industry groups in the built environment?
Asked by Rebecca Lovelace, 5 months ago
Hi Rebecca, attached is an initial list we compiled last year. I hope this is of some assistance although I am sure there are many more organisations ...
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