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Paul Checketts

Construction Contracts Consultant


Cheltenham, United Kingdom


Bridges, Commercial Offices, Commercial offices, Defence, Electrical Installations, Electricity, Electrification, Flood defence, Gas, Healthcare, High rise, Highways, Infrastructure, MEPH, Marine works, Mechanical Installations, Nuclear power stations, Public Health, Public sector, Rail, Refurbishment, Remediation, Tall buildings, Telecommunications, Tunnelling, Utilities, Warehousing, Water supply





Tom Spilsted
Is adjudication a suitable form of resolution for complex extension of time issues?
Asked by Tom Spilsted, 8 months ago
Absolutely. Even a complex EOT matter can be resolved through Adjudication. What it does mean is that both sides need to be on top of their contract a ...
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Steven Dawson
Is it rare for concurrent delay to occur on construction projects?
Asked by Steven Dawson, 1 year ago
true concurrency very rarely occurs as its unlikely that 2 events cause the same delay at the same period
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Tom Spilsted
Is the discovery of Japanese Knotweed on a project grounds for a variation or extension of time, or is it deemed to be part of the ground condition ri
Asked by Tom Spilsted, 8 months ago
obviously depends on the terms of the contract
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