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Andrew Crawford
Is there a condition precedent under JCT 2016 compared to JCT 2011 or is it in both forms for recovering loss and expense?
Asked by Andrew Crawford, 5 months ago
An eminent QC opined a couple of years ago on a Premier Inn project I was involved with, that the 2011 version did contain a condition precedent in re ...
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Andrew Crawford
Is it permissible for the payer to pay the payee loss and expense that is likely to be incurred, but has not yet been incurred?
Asked by Andrew Crawford, 5 months ago
Dear AndrewEven if an explicit clause prohibited it, presumably if the payer wishes to pay (and one assumes the payee has no objection to being paid), ...
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Tom Spilsted
What are the key pitfalls of email communication?
Asked by Tom Spilsted, 5 months ago
Emails to a great extent appear to have replaced verbal conversation, which is somewhat transient, so one of the pitfalls of which is that things that ...
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Steve Hardy
What other measures can i take to protect me against performance failure if contractors are unable to obtain performance bonds?
Asked by Steve Hardy, 7 months ago
A parent company guarantee may be used (if there is a parent company of course), asking Directors to personally enter a contract as guarantor to the c ...
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Sean Ruddy
Should a contract administrator issue a non-completion certificate under a JCT form of Contract knowing that it has not fully assessed all the EOTs?
Asked by Sean Ruddy, 7 months ago
Further to earlier answers the issue is also probably indicative of whether an Employer wishes to apply liquidated damages (if they exist on your cont ...
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