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Andrew Crawford
What to do when PI is not obtainable
Asked by Andrew Crawford, 1 year ago
Andrew HiI think your question is posed from the perspective of facing problems during a live contract, but by now, given there has been this state of ...
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Steve Hardy
What are your top early warning signals to indicate a construction project may be in danger of becoming distressed?
Asked by Steve Hardy, 9 months ago
An interesting question with a variety of routes to answer. One could speculate that to an experienced eye, the possibilities of a construction projec ...
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Andrew Crawford
Design Manager - What is the difference in the role depending upon who you represent ?
Asked by Andrew Crawford, 1 year ago
Of the two roles you refer to, in my experience a contractors design manager is the most onerous role under, say, a JCT DB system, as they are often a ...
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Andrew Crawford
How can you increase productivity back to pre-Covid 19 levels when implementing social distancing on site?
Asked by Andrew Crawford, 1 year ago
Work two shifts so in each 24hr period there are the same number if man hours allowing spacing between workers, as before.
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Kiara Thomas
In what ways do you think your organization can benefit from an efficiency manager?
Asked by Kiara Thomas, 1 year ago
I'd say no, as the fewer people involved as a general rule leads to greater efficiency, and better communication.
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