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James Kidgell

Temporary Works Consultant- Planned, designed & managed for you.


London, United Kingdom


Commercial Offices, Commercial offices, Data Centres, Defence, Demolition, Healthcare, Healthcare, High rise, Highways, Hospitality, Housing, Infrastructure, Public Health, Public sector, Refurbishment, Remediation, Residential, Student accommodation, Tall buildings, Tunnelling, Utilities




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Director iTW- Temporary Works Consultant Mar 2021 - Present London, UK


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Andrew Crawford
What is a typical fit-out programme period for residential apartments
Asked by Andrew Crawford, 1 year ago
I might suggest split the floor into 2 clusters, with each cluster 4 apartments. Each cluster 22 weeks, 2 weeks staggered between cluster, so 24 weeks ...
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Tom Spilsted
What is the best approach to ensuring that coordination between the design and trades is planned in advance rather than when it is programme critical?
Asked by Tom Spilsted, 1 month ago
In short (my opinion is) - a properly considered Information Release Schedule (IRS) integrated into the ‘Target’ programme, one that considers procure ...
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Tom Spilsted
What approach would you recommend to decide on the scope allocation for fire protection to electrical sockets and the like in drywall installations.
Asked by Tom Spilsted, 3 months ago
FIRAS certified contractor everytime. It make coordination trickier but it is done right first time, rather than once you realise it is wrong, correct ...
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Tom Spilsted
What is the best method of recording site activity diaries paper or software?
Asked by Tom Spilsted, 3 months ago
Software - paper should be a thing of the past by now both environmentally and efficiency
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Tom Spilsted
Has the traditional main contractor role become a "construction integrator" when all trades are subcontracted anyway?
Asked by Tom Spilsted, 4 months ago
To answer the main question; clearly this depends on the contractual mechanism and who places the order with the ‘Specialist Contractor’, as Steve Har ...
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