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  • Constructacademy - Cost Value Reconciliation, The Definitive Guide to CVRs, 20032021

    This video explains the basics of a CVR, why they're useful and more importantly how to prepare one. This is the most requested topic from Constructacademy viewers and Richard Wimbush gives a comprehensive explanation of the CVR process. CVRs are an important tool in construction reporting but they are often misunderstood. This can be as a result of the CVR template being too complicated or poorly interpreted. If you want to know how to compile a CVR then look no further than this video

  • An Introduction to the value toolkit - Published by Construction Innovation Hub

    Many projects fail to realise their intended value. Even for projects that are delivered on time and on budget, the anticipated benefits do not always materialise. Why is this?This is why the Construction Innovation Hub is setting out the new Value Toolkit – a suite of tools that will drive faster, better decision making to deliver measurable value improvement. This document provides an introduction to the Value Toolkit – what it is, what it will deliver and how it will be used.

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