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  • RICS Sustainability Report 2022

    This RICS 2022 report asks what are the keys to accelerating decarbonisation. The primary needs identified are for consistent, respected standards, relevant skills, and trusted information on low-carbon products. The findings reinforce the importance of the work by the RICS, its partners and other professional organisations. Collaboration and information-sharing are key common elements for addressing climate risk

  • RICS - Measuring the financial impact of climate change, 29052020

    In this webinar, sponsored by PwC in Germany, the financial implications of climate change and strategies for the decarbonisation of real estate portfolios are considered. Panellists explained how they have developed tools for modelling various climate change scenarios and their potential commercial consequences

  • RICS - Lowering embodied carbon – A whole life approach to decarbonisation, 08122021

    Embodied carbon has traditionally been overlooked as a cause of emissions in the built environment. While an inefficient building can be renovated and improved to reduce future in-use emissions, the clock cannot be turned back on embodied carbon. What is required is a whole life approach to decarbonisation. How can this be best achieved and what are the challenges that need to be overcome?

  • RICS - Achieving Net Zero: A best practice guide for cities, 26042022

    According to UN-Habitat, cities consume 78% of the world’s energy and produce more than 60% of greenhouse gas emissions. In this webinar, the panel discuss which cities are leading the way towards net zero and how can their strategies help create the optimum pathway to net-zero for other cities worldwide? Are cities meeting the net-zero challenge and which best practices cities can learn from one another?

  • RICS - The future of built assets - Digital twins from design to handover of constructed assets PM, 29062022

    In this RICS webinar in partnership with Glodon, the expert panel discuss if Digital twins are expected to develop as an insightful tool that can be used in all life cycle phases from pre-project to end-of-life. This webinar examines digital twins' current state and future potential across the asset lifecycle. How will digital twins influence the industry in the future, and what is their untapped potential?

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