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  • Metroun - What To Expect As A Graduate Quantity Surveyor? 25012023

    What should you expect as a Graduate Quantity Surveyor? What will be your responsibilities be and has University provided you with all the tools you need to excel in your career? This Metroun video provide you with valuable insight and information to ensure you’re equipped with all you need before starting your new job

  • Metroun - Quantity Surveyor Vs. Cost Engineer

    Metroun take a look at some of the common reasons and explanations behind the 2 terms / job roles as well as some of the similarities and differences between them

  • Metroun - AQS, QS, SQS & MQS - Roles & Responsibilities Explained, 21122022

    As with most professions, there are different levels attainable which are broadly based on competency and experience. Quantity Surveying is no different. This video looks at what the roles and responsibilities are of an Assistant Quantity Surveyor, Quantity Surveyor, Senior Quantity Surveyor and Managing Quantity Surveyor

  • Metroun - Key Construction Professionals, 23122020

    A construction project requires a lot of individuals with key skill sets in order to run smoothly and deliver the project on time and within budget. This video takes a look at those key professionals and provides a brief explanation of the day-to-day tasks each of them are responsible for

  • Metroun - Excel Tips & Tricks Every Quantity Surveyor Needs To Know, 20072022

    As a Quantity Surveyor, there is one tool you will be using a lot, Microsoft Excel. And as you will be spending most of your time in this piece of software, it makes sense that you understand how to use it to its maximum

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