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  • Heavy materials sales fall amid slowdown in starts

    Light side product sales grow helped by pace of activity for refurbs and energy-efficient retrofits

  • Heavy material sales slow as starts decline

    The Construction Products Association’s latest state of trade survey indicates growth for sales of light building products but a decline for heavy materials like bricks and concrete.

  • Biobased materials are key to helping the climate crisis

    Emily Walport is senior materials engineer at Arup The materials we use, and the way we use them, has a profound impact on our planet and society. Increasingly, the construction industry is realising the significant contribution that the production of construction materials has towards global… The post Biobased materials are key to helping the climate crisis appeared first on Construction News.

  • The Resilience of Steel Windows and Doors

    Few athletes succeed at bringing together the ideals of superior strength, graceful form, and lasting endurance. In construction, often the strongest materials are the most bulky and inflexible. Yet, window and door frames made of solid, hot-rolled steel have proven to be the most resilient while offering the versatility to achieve the most graceful and […] The post The Resilience of Steel Windows and Doors first appeared on

  • Tracking Prefabrication Productivity

    Prefabrication of materials used in construction is not a new concept.

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  • Metallurgy Guru - Sustainability Materials Science - Materials for a Hydrogen Economy, 16102020

    This lecture gives an overview over the state of the discussion of a future hydrogen economy and reflects on the "state of the art" for the required infrastructure and synthesis components, plus the materials-science required for realizing them. This lecture is only a brief introduction to the topic. (A full lecture series about the role of materials science and metallurgical engineering for a hydrogen economy is given at the Max Planck Institute in Düsseldorf and at RWTH Aachen.)

  • CN - How to protect goods delivered to a failed business 02122022

    A major event to guard against in an unsteady economy is customer insolvency and, in particular, the need to protect your title (or ownership) in goods and materials

  • The Efficient Engineer - An Introduction to Stress and Strain 11022020

    This video is an introduction to stress and strain, which are fundamental concepts that are used to describe how an object responds to externally applied loads.

  • The Efficient Engineer - Understanding Torsion 03032020

    This video explores torsion; the twisting of an object caused by a moment. It is a type of deformation. A moment which tends to cause twisting is called torque. This video looks at how circular bars deform under torsion, how to calculate the angle of twist, and how to calculate the stresses and strains that are generated in a circular bar as a result of torsion. The video also discuss internal torque diagrams and why torsional failure is different for brittle and for ductile and materials

  • BMF - Builders Merchant Building Index , Quarter 3 2022

    This is the twelfth edition of the BMF’s Builders Merchants Industry Forecast, covering Summer 2022 onwards. The BMF forecast model incorporates several lead indicators to signal future events that will impact our markets

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