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  • nla - The Kerslake Review, 27072022

    Lyn Garner, CEO of the London Legacy Development Corporation, has been appointed to lead on the implementation of recommendations in the review of GLA Group housing delivery by Lord Kerslake. She talks to Peter Murray about a more streamlined approach to delivery across Mayor-led organsitions like TfL, OPDC and the LLDC.

  • The B1M - Why Our Cities Are So Expensive, 31082022

    All around the world it’s getting harder and harder to find an affordable place to rent, let alone buy. London is in the middle of a high-rise building boom that’s reshaping the city Just last year 587 new skyscrapers were in the pipeline. It’s not like there’s no new housing being built. It’s just that a lot of it isn’t really affordable. The B1M looks at schemes predominantly in London such as Battersea Power Station, Nine Elms and Elephant & Castle

  • nla - The London Plan, 03082015

    Introducing the main policies and targets of the statutory spatial development strategy for the Greater London area, this film outlines London’s pragmatic planning system: including the role played by the 33 local borough councils and Mayor of London to strategic bodies like Historic England. Detailing some of the major Opportunity areas, such as Vauxhall Nine Elms and Old Oak Common, the film also introduces some of the key approaches to accommodating the city’s unprecedented growth.

  • The Times - Living with cladding, 14102020

    Victoria Lowe may never be able to sell her family home — because of potentially unsafe cladding on her building. The Sunday Times has revealed not only are 700,000 people still trapped in flats wrapped in many kinds of flammable materials, but as many as 3.6 million face a wait of up to a decade to sell their flat or get a new mortgage.

  • The Times - Inside Britain's most luxurious underground home, 21032022

    Residents of Cheshire’s affluent suburbs have long complained when developers blight the landscape with tasteless new-build mansions. Now one local property firm has solved the quandary of how to get planning permission without annoying the nimbys: a 4,000 sq ft trophy home, on the market for £4 million, that is buried almost entirely underground.

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