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  • Anatomy of a fall: inside a mock HSE trial

    If there’s an accident on your site and the HSE investigates, what happens next? A ‘mock trial’ shows how proceedings work in a health and safety prosecution. The post Anatomy of a fall: inside a mock HSE trial appeared first on Construction Management.

  • Industrial Duct Silencers: Enhancing Workplace Comfort

    Excessive noise is one of numerous issues that have industrial ventures in the same trouble. Noise from machinery operation or venting systems in such facilities brings noise levels, that are almost invariably more than acceptable to workers, health, and safety, as well as being harmful to their productivity. Fortunately, there’s a key solution for combating […] The post Industrial Duct Silencers: Enhancing Workplace Comfort first appeared on

  • HSE takes over investigation of fatality on Everton Stadium site

    The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has taken over the criminal investigation into the death of a worker on Laing O’Rourke’s Everton Stadium project. The post HSE takes over investigation of fatality on Everton Stadium site appeared first on New Civil Engineer.

  • Hensel Phelps names new president, other leaders

    The Colorado construction giant has tapped Brad Jeanneret and added new executive roles: chief administrative officer and chief health and safety officer.

  • Rosendin Welcomes New VP of Environmental, Health and Safety

    Electrical contractor, Rosendin, introduced its new safety leader, D. Scott Risch, who will lead new initiatives to protect the health and safety of every employee and craft worker. Risch will connect teams around the value of making safety a personal priority.

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  • Stress Risk Management checklist

    In construction, two worker’s die by suicide every working day. In the world we live in today, this is unacceptable. More needs to be done. Whilst as construction employer you are not responsible for solving all your workers issues outside of work, you are responsible for identifying, managing and mitigating stress at work. Take our test to see if your processes make the cut!

  • Building Magazine - An interview with Peter Rogers, Lipton Rogers 08102021

    Chloe McCulloch of Building Magazine interviews Peter Rogers, gaining Peter's views on the construction industry and changes Peter has noticed throughout his career

  • Beale & Co - Insurance Masterclass series, Part 1: D&O Insurance, Construction and Prosecution Risks, 14122021

    A review of insurance issues including: - The safety legislative framework in place and common HSE/Criminal offences potentially impacting senior management leading up to Grenfell - The HSE and the Police’s pre-Grenfell approach to investigating and prosecuting offences and the changes seen since Grenfell - Typical D&O insurance issues and potential insurance gaps arising out of such issues - What the future looks like for the individual accountability of senior management after Grenfell

  • CLC - Procuring for Value, July 2018

    Recommendations on how government, clients and the industry can maximise the impact of the Construction sector by a change in approach to procurement ... A "whole life" integrated industry will improve productivity and end-user satisfaction, and produce wider societal benefits

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  • Grove Services (UK) Limited

    Grove Services (UK) Limited are an independent service company providing occupational health and safety services. Operated and staffed with Chartered Safety & Health Practitioners, Grove Services offer various health and safety services; whether you are looking for advice, guidance and information for compliance or require safety training specific to your business needs. We help businesses across the UK with all aspects of occupational health and safety – from audits, spot checks and full inspections through to identification of hazards, reporting of incidents and help with the selection of protective equipment.

  • Base Solutions Ltd

    Health & Safety, Quality and Environmental Consultancy providing competent advice across London.

  • Rochdale Occuaptional Health Service

    Rochdale Occupational Health Service provide a confidential and specialist service which promotes and maintains the health of those at work and creates a safe working environment.

  • StaySafe

    StaySafe is trusted by FTSE 100 companies, not for profits and SME’s to help protect their workforce. The StaySafe lone worker app and cloud-based monitoring hub is used by hundreds of clients and tens of thousands of users worldwide who testify to its ease of use, reliability and flexibility. We also provide wearable technology and satellite tracking devices for remote employees.

  • Diggerland Plant Training School

    Diggerland Plant Training School in Kent offers a variety of NPORS (National Plant Operator Registration Scheme) approved and accredited courses.

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