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  • The Efficient Engineer - Understanding Material Strength, Ductility and Toughness 23052019

    This animated video from 'The Efficient Engineer' looks at Strength, Ductility and Toughnes; three very important, closely related material properties

  • Just have a Think - New 2022 graphene battery launch : 8 minute charge time. 350 mile range, 26062022

    Graphene nanotechnology is set to be one of the most exciting and ground breaking technologies of the 21st century. Nanotechnology has already revolutionised medicine, construction and industry. And now graphene is about to become a reality in electric vehicle batteries, increasing energy density by 40% or more, and reducing charge times to just a few minutes. Is this the push we've been waiting for to move EVs into the mainstream?

  • Undecided - How Graphene Could Solve Our Concrete Problem, 19072022

    Is Graphene the Future of Eco Friendly Concrete? Graphene is considered one of the most important breakthroughs in material science since its discovery. This “wonder material” was widely overhyped, and still hasn’t lived up to its potential. We can now see more concrete and realistic applications hitting the market. What if we could cut down carbon (CO2) emissions from cement production by 20% and make cheaper and more powerful EV batteries using graphene battery technology?

  • Explaining the Future - Nanotechnology 2.0

    Nanotechnology may one day allow the molecular fabrication of many products from basic raw materials. This video by futurist Christopher Barnatt explains current "top down" nanotechnologies, as well as potential future "bottom-up" innovations in molecular self-assembly.

  • Just Have a Think - Graphene and Climate Change. Really? 10022019

    Graphene. The miracle material. Much has been expected but not much delivered. Now, though, Graphene is showing some clear advantages and benefits to climate mitigation technology. This week take a look at some the initiatives

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