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  • Rider Levett Bucknall Tender Price Forecast UK, Q4 2021

    RLB's end-of-year 2021 edition of the Tender Price Forecast summarises the dramatic experience of the last year and looks to how 2022 will be unwrapped. Much will depend on how the industry continues to deal with its resource-availability and cost concerns, as input costs remain the focus of attention, and contractors’ cost responses are clothed in uncertainty.

  • The Sunday Times - Canary Wharf office block sold & WFH, 12122021

    A couple of articles from The Sunday Times which highlight the current (and potentially) long term influence of Working From Home on the commercial office sector and 'urban recovery': - Canary Wharf office block sold for knockdown price amid WFH fear; and - This capricious government can't level up without business This is an issue the Government should be considering as they finalise their "levelling up" White Paper

  • Building Magazine - Covid risks are being shunted down the supply chain, 13112020

    Rudi Klein states "Subcontractors should beware of sneaky contractual clauses that force them to carry the bulk of all covid risk"

  • Beale & Co - Webinar: COVID-19 and Insurance Brokers E&O, 06052020

    In this webinar Joe Bryant and Stephen Reilly of Beale & Co look at how unsuccessful claims for Business Interruption cover may rebound and result in negligence claims against insurance brokers and their PI insurers, and whether or not such claims are likely to be successful

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