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  • Combatting damp, mould, and condensation for healthier homes

    Good governance, information management, proactive communication and education can help landlords maintain compliance – and potentially save lives – by tackling damp, mould and condensation (DMC). The post Combatting damp, mould, and condensation for healthier homes appeared first on Planning, Building & Construction Today.

  • The true cost of poor communication with subcontractors

    In the construction industry, effective communication between main contractors and the teams they work with, such as subcontractors, is essential to ensure smooth project execution and high-quality outcomes. The post The true cost of poor communication with subcontractors appeared first on New Civil Engineer.

  • Plentific property management platform wins five social landlord contracts

    London council and housing associations will use the platform to improve repairs, maintenance and tenant communication.

  • McGill debtors withhold payment over quality disputes

    Collapsed contractor McGill was in dispute with several companies over alleged poor workmanship and communication issues before it went under, according to administrators. The Dundee contractor, whose turnover was too small to require publication, collapsed in August 2022, blaming loss-making contracts. Since then, administrators at… The post McGill debtors withhold payment over quality disputes appeared first on Construction News.

  • PiPcall develops new mobile telecoms system for remote construction sites

    A large majority of construction companies state that integrated mobile technologies are of primary importance. Alongside the adoption of unified communication (UC) tools providing internet calling and incorporating functions like call recording, instant messaging and customer relationship management integration, there is an array of emerging… The post PiPcall develops new mobile telecoms system for remote construction sites appeared first on New Civil Engineer.

Resources tagged communication
  • Metroun - 5 Tips to Negotiate Variations to a Construction Price 19072023

    Variations, compensation events, relevant events. These are all terms used to describe change to a construction price or programme. They differ depending on the contract you use. However, the principles you follow to present your case for a change are mostly universal. In this video Metroun discuss 5 tips to give you the best chance to in securing a change to a project you’re working on.

  • Metroun - Googles Most Asked Quantity Surveying Questions Answered 10052023

    With over 80% of the search market share, Google is undoubtedly the most popular search engine used worldwide. Additionally, Google captures almost 95% of mobile traffic. So when you or anyone around the world has a question, their first port of call is Google

  • CIPS - Contract Law: Hints and Tips 01092020

    In the podcast from CIPS and Haward Soper you will see some slides incorporating Hawards PhD and a discussion on the following: 1. How do you make a contract work? 2. What does cooperation mean? 3. What is the basis of a good contract? 4. What do you do if you get it wrong? 5. Top 5 tips for success?

  • Metroun - Key Construction Professionals, 23122020

    A construction project requires a lot of individuals with key skill sets in order to run smoothly and deliver the project on time and within budget. This video takes a look at those key professionals and provides a brief explanation of the day-to-day tasks each of them are responsible for

  • Business Fights Poverty - Building Resilient Business through the Ministry of Justice's Six Principles of Bribery Prevention, 05022019

    An article by MLM Group - now part of Sweco - that highlights how 'Small & Medium-sized Enterprises' (SMEs) can manage the real risks of corruption without unnecessary ‘red tape’, thus boosting an SME’s chances of export success by aniticipating, mitigating and managing the various risks that arise from Internation Trade: Reference is made in particular to The Minitry of Justice’s “Guidance on the Bribery Act 2010” with its six principles for implementing adequate procedures to prevent bribery

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