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Hardip Ghattaora

What impact due to the recent tax cut and base interest rate hike?

Asked by Hardip Ghattaora, 4 days ago 1 Answers
Tim Smith

What is the best way to utilize my skills in safety and medical services?

Asked by Tim Smith, 1 week ago 1 Answers
Bruno Roch

What do you think about sending messages directly to companies pages on construo ?

Asked by Bruno Roch, 4 weeks ago 2 Answers
Steve Hardy

Everyone has been talking about how to manage cost inflation but looking ahead, might insolvencies become the latest top risk to your business?

Asked by Steve Hardy, 4 weeks ago 1 Answers
Steve Hardy

How are you dealing with the risk of supply chain insolvency?

Asked by Steve Hardy, 1 month ago 3 Answers
Nick Atkinson

Why does our construction industry continue to work in the same way constantly focused on price and not collaboration?

Asked by Nick Atkinson, 1 month ago 5 Answers
Sergio Orjuela

Sustainable Supply Chain Interview Request

Asked by Sergio Orjuela, 1 month ago 3 Answers
Steve Hardy

Does anyone have any 'model' definitions for Force Majeure they could share?

Asked by Steve Hardy, 1 month ago 1 Answers
Steve Hardy

When good progress is being made why is it just as important to keep detailed progress records as during periods of poor or disrupted progress?

Asked by Steve Hardy, 1 month ago 2 Answers

What action the client take if the contractor states 'our price includes for risk and potential unforeseen works'' but then submits a claim

Asked by FAROUK Yusuf, 1 month ago 1 Answers
Tom Spilsted

How is inflation being dealt with in Compensation Events on NEC contracts? Has anyone experience of this so far?

Asked by Tom Spilsted, 2 months ago 1 Answers
Tom Spilsted

What are they key lessons learnt in commissioning security and alarm systems in Police Custody suites?

Asked by Tom Spilsted, 2 months ago No answers
Steve Hardy

What measures should Employers be taking in the current heatwave to ensure their workforce can operate safely on sites?

Asked by Steve Hardy, 2 months ago 1 Answers
Colvin Duberry

What make the ideal business relationship between Network infrastructure companies and builders/office fit out companies

Asked by Colvin Duberry, 2 months ago 1 Answers
Roy Freeman

Does anyone here require Construction Funding (across the whole of Ireland) ?

Asked by Roy Freeman, 3 months ago 1 Answers