Career in Construction; the Architect - What can you expect when considering at GCSE level age?

Asked 4 months ago
2020-09-27 08:21:22

I will be asking a series of questions to give young people, primarily at year 10/11 stage the information needed to enable them to consider whether a career in construction is or is not, for them. To enable this, I would like people in the industry to provide their advice on what a young person can expect in terms of the role, the education needed to fulfil the role, range in salary and benefits and the opportunities for career progression.

The Architect

1. Role; what is the role of the Architect and are there differences in fulfilling that role depending upon the size of
firm you are employed by and the construction project that you are working on?

2. Education; what are the educational paths that a young person would need to follow and achieve to become an

3. Salary and benefits; What typical range in salary and employment benefits can be expected 10 years after
successfully completing the education path for an Architect?

4. Career progression; After 10 years as an Architect, what are the opportunities for that person to pursue?