What important points should I cover when striking a deal with my subcontractor to accelerate completion of his works?

Asked 7 months ago
2020-04-25 08:26:32
  • The sub-contract is for M&E installation, is based on a traditional JCT Std form and includes some CDP elements.

  • The project is behind schedule and I need to make up lost time to meet an important customer handover deadline which has substantial penalties attached if I miss it.

  • My sub-contractor says he can make up the required time by taking special measures and adding resources but he requires a considerable extra sum of money for doing so.

  • I am slightly frustrated because I suspect some of the lost time was actually his fault but I have no proof of this and I cannot afford to miss the deadline.

  • There are 3 other sub-contractors on the project who also have work to complete alongside the M&E sub-contractor.

  • ┬áCan you suggest the important points I should deal with in an acceleration agreement ?