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O. Cleghorn MCInstCES
What is the position in terms of works that don't comply with an approved design under the JCT DB 2016 form of contract?
Asked by O. Cleghorn MCInstCES, 1 year ago
It may also be worth considering the judgement in Mears v Costplan, which considered what could be deemed to be practically complete.
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Terry Watts
Things are busy, but is the sector really recruiting?
Asked by Terry Watts, 1 week ago
It's worth adding, and relevant to schools / careers, that apprenticeships can be used for all sorts of qualifications, from the very basic up to MBA ...
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Mike Barrett
What are the thoughts on the application of Main Contractor's Discount (MCD) when not linked to prompt payment? Is this deemed business acceptable?
Asked by Mike Barrett, 2 weeks ago
I agree wit all of the answers here. Terry makes a good point about transparency. Material provenance, for reasons of sustainability and the eliminati ...
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Steve Hardy
How would i spot 'warning signs' that a company i am in contract with may be heading towards insolvency
Asked by Steve Hardy, 1 year ago
The APM did a series on insolvency following Carillion a few years ago.See a link to part three of the series here, which also has a webinar recording ...
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Tom Spilsted
Is a provisional sum under JCT Design and Build defined or undefined?
Asked by Tom Spilsted, 2 months ago
"Defined cost" is an NEC term? (e.g. for cost reimbursable contracts)The valuation of provisional sums (included as part of the Employer's Requirement ...
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