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Reimagining infrastructure in the United States: How to build better. A paper by McKinnsey & Company

7 July, 2020

Infrastructure agencies need to prepare for two very different scenarios - a sharp rise in funding or a precipitous drop.




Matthew Syed articles in the Sunday Times - tune your mind into diverse thinking.

7 June, 2020

A series of 3 articles to open your mind 1 - We can go on meeting like this. 2- Out of ideas? Here's how to get creative. 3-How to toast loafers in your team

Diverse thinking

Sticking together. An article by Chris Green in the RICS Journal in April / May 2020.

10 May, 2020

Vertical integration can benefit the construction industry, but contractors, clients and the supply chain must understand when it is most appropriate - and what the potential risks are.

Supply chain

Specialist subcontractor

Construction management

Fine Margins - Delivering financial sustainability in UK construction

1 April, 2020

A detailed report by the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) into the risk management practices of the UK construction industry.



Risks and Opportunities

Never split the difference. Negotiating as if your life depended on it. A former FBI hostage negotiator's field tested tools for talking anyone into (or out of) just about anything.

1 April, 2020

A book by Chris Voss with Tahl Raz - well worth a read even for skilled and experienced negotiators, provides a different view on negotiations.


Final Accounts


Collaboration in construction

1 April, 2020

An article in RICS Modus magazine by Emma Stapleton. The industry has finally woken up to the fact that if we all work together, rather than in silos, then everyone benefits.

Standard forms of contract

Construction management

Crossrail delay May 2019

1 April, 2020

Building Magazine article with initial views on key areas of delay - tunnelling, design changes, large station completions.


Cost management



What documents must be disclosed to an opponent in a dispute

1 April, 2020

An article by Gowling WLG updating on documents that your opponent in a dispute will be able to see - disclosure

Standard forms of contract


Terms and conditions

Construction Law

Approach to the limits of a structural defects insurance policy

1 April, 2020

A paper issued by Gowling WLG on recent court decisions concerning claims made against a structural defects insurance policy for residential apartments