Modernizing Project Controls for the Digital Era an E book by Oracle

5 April, 2020

Making the case for modern project controls When you bring up the need for business transformation or project controls, the responses are often lamentably predictable: • “Our current system is outdated and frustrating to project teams, but it’s what we




Five tips to improving project controls 1. Pivot around one version of the truth to ensure that everyone on a project is working to the same data. 2. Connect schedules and costs to reduce errors from manual handovers and to truly evaluate the potential impact of any change order. 3. Develop consistent data standards to uncover patterns, change course easily, and build best practices. 4. Prioritize flexible control tools as these are better able to deal with the variables found in any construction project. 5. Deal in real-time reporting, which will help deliver greater efficiencies across all teams


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