The Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) only delivered three of its 12 key performance indicators in 2019 /2020 - An article in Construction News by Ian Weinfass

31 January, 2021

An article questioning the performance the CITB and its success in delivering the next generation of a skilled workforce.

It hit its performance targets on young people, influencers and educators becoming familiar with its campaigns and careers, increasing apprenticeship starts in construction in England to more than 22,000, and increasing the diversity of sex and ethnicity among apprentices in England. It fell narrowly below target in three of the other categories. Amid the COVID-19 crisis, the body postponed the industry consensus vote on its levy that was due to be held last year. A foreword to the report from CITB board chairman Peter Lauener said 74 per cent of employers and stakeholders that took part in the employer and stakeholder survey said the levy should continue to be collected. The question is not among its key performance indicators outlined elsewhere in the report, however. Due to the crisis, the body has previously said it anticipates it will collect just £73.8m in 2020/21 from its levy, compared to its pre-crisis forecast of £198m. It took £188.2m in 2019/20, when its overall income was £273.77m against expenditure of £283m. Levy collection was suspended from late March until September and a 50 per cent rate cut has been proposed for the next financial year.


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