Questions tagged project

Maureen Bicaku

Could anyone point me in the right direction for construction software. A system to process purchasing, sales, project management etc

Asked by Maureen Bicaku, 3 months ago 4 Answers
Paula Boihmane

(BIM)How you would ensure that information is issued throughout the project and at handover in an easily accessible and timely manner;

Asked by Paula Boihmane, 11 months ago 1 Answers
Bernadette Anderson

Require a construction co. for air space projects in London to build 4 flats and also convert office space to residential flats approx. 30k sq m.

Asked by Bernadette Anderson, 1 year ago 1 Answers
Narendranath Chintalapudi

What is business case? How it is linked with project management. Can anyone explain it by example.

Asked by Narendranath Chintalapudi, 1 year ago 1 Answers

I have been asked for a Project Implementation Plan for a major development. It was described to me as a Plan for HOW to implement the Execution Plan

Asked by ANDREW THOMAS, 1 year ago 2 Answers
Mike Barrett

When reviewing a project for delays, what is the best form of analysis method and why?

Asked by Mike Barrett, 1 year ago 3 Answers
Sukh Singh

Why can't I use my phone's camera for 3D laser scanning?

Asked by Sukh Singh, 1 year ago 1 Answers
Tom Spilsted

Why has the take up for Project Bank Accounts been so slow?

Asked by Tom Spilsted, 1 year ago 2 Answers
Tom Spilsted

Does anyone have some good best practice project records and diaries guidance notes?

Asked by Tom Spilsted, 1 year ago 1 Answers

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