Useful Construction Resources - COVID-19

Coronavirus Covid-19 - Site Operating Procedures - guidance to construction companies by the Construction Leadership Council (CLC)

1 April, 2020

Site Operating Procedures – Protecting Your Workforce The Construction Leadership Council (CLC) have published guidance to the UK construction companies who are continuing to operate during the Coronavirus Covid-19 crisis

Construction Law



Defining completion of construction works and extensions of time. RICS guidance.

13 April, 2020

With the current Covid - 19 pandemic and its impact on the construction industry, once the current uncertainty is over how will the parties to contract react, will practical completion be more difficult to agree if a potential tenant or owners have pulled

Extension of time


Practical Completion


JCT official guidance on Covid-19

26 April, 2020

JCT paper on Covid-19 and JCT Contracts. Guidance from the authors of JCT contracts prepared by a past chair of JCT (Joint Contracts Tribunal).


Extension of time

loss and expense

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Relevant Matter

G & T Covid-19 Construction Update

9 June, 2020

A report and update by G & T on the market they are seeing as Covid-19 moves from pandemic to a new normal.

Two stage tenders

Quantity Surveying


Market report

How disruption is reshaping the world's largest ecosystem. McKinsey & Company - The next normal in construction - June 2020.

15 June, 2020

Historically the construction industry has underperformed. A changing market environment, technological progress, and disruptive new entrants will trigger industry overhaul. Almost half of incumbent value added is at stake. Transformation will take time,

Overhead and profit



The future


Liquidated damages during Covid-19 pandemic - A webinar by Hawkswell Kilvington 30 April 2020

15 June, 2020

What are liquidated damages? The procedure for deducting. Serving notices.the effects of Covid-19. Concurrent delay. Has there been a change in the law?


Concurrent delay



Contract notices


Seizing the day: Positive change from lockdown for the construction and infrastructure industry. A Balfour Beatty paper.

5 July, 2020

A view across the construction spectrum looking forward as to how the industry can build on the flexibility and ability to adapt as shown through the lockdown. Nine key recommendations, well worth a read.

Cost management



Social Value

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