Questions tagged construction

Abby Shaw

What are the most common methods for estimating construction costs?

Asked by Abby Shaw, 4 days ago 1 Answers
Abby Shaw

What are the acceptable noise exposure levels for construction workers according to OSHA standards?

Asked by Abby Shaw, 1 week ago 3 Answers
Darragh Acton

What is the role of a mechanical engineer in construction site of any building, factory etc?

Asked by Darragh Acton, 2 months ago No answers
Roy Freeman

Are there any Developers on this platform that are interested to profit from Planning Gain/Land Promotion?

Asked by Roy Freeman, 2 months ago No answers
Maureen Bicaku

Could anyone point me in the right direction for construction software. A system to process purchasing, sales, project management etc

Asked by Maureen Bicaku, 3 months ago 4 Answers
Hardip Ghattaora

What impact due to the recent tax cut and base interest rate hike?

Asked by Hardip Ghattaora, 4 months ago 1 Answers
Nick Atkinson

Why does our construction industry continue to work in the same way constantly focused on price and not collaboration?

Asked by Nick Atkinson, 5 months ago 5 Answers
Roy Freeman

Does anyone here require Construction Funding (across the whole of Ireland) ?

Asked by Roy Freeman, 7 months ago 1 Answers
Roy Freeman

Does anyone on here, Develop (Ground up) Property in Western Europe?

Asked by Roy Freeman, 8 months ago 1 Answers
Anshul Jain

Are you familiar with construction timelapse monitoring technology?

Asked by Anshul Jain, 8 months ago 1 Answers
Bruno Roch

In which ways do you think construction industry is becoming a lot more digitised ?

Asked by Bruno Roch, 8 months ago 5 Answers
Cooper Geyer

What do we think about the growing trends and opportunities in construction?

Asked by Cooper Geyer, 10 months ago 2 Answers
Kirsty Walker

Designing sports facilities for people with disabilities

Asked by Kirsty Walker, 10 months ago 1 Answers
Joe Bush

Please see below a link to a questionnaire regarding strategic planning in the construction industry

Asked by Joe Bush, 11 months ago 3 Answers
Roy Freeman

Who do you know who requires Development Finance but may be struggling to get higher LTV?

Asked by Roy Freeman, 11 months ago 1 Answers

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