Questions tagged building

Omar Rawat

What measures should be taken to minimize damage in a densely populated city environment?

Asked by Omar Rawat, 1 month ago 1 Answers

What are the implications of allowing new tenants onto a on-going building site of a housing development

Asked by FAROUK Yusuf, 3 months ago 1 Answers
Darragh Acton

What is the role of a mechanical engineer in construction site of any building, factory etc?

Asked by Darragh Acton, 4 months ago No answers
Steve Hardy

How is the development value modelled for a Net Zero Carbon Building such as this?

Asked by Steve Hardy, 1 year ago 2 Answers
Sukh Singh

How Building Information Modeling (BIM) Has Revolutionized the Construction Industry

Asked by Sukh Singh, 1 year ago 2 Answers
Angilina Stylianou

What would you want to see from an end to end software?

Asked by Angilina Stylianou, 2 years ago 1 Answers

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