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Kay Pemberton

Invasive Weed Expert


Southampton, United Kingdom


Commercial Offices, Housing, Public sector, Rail, Remediation, Residential




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Marketing Manager Japanese Knotweed Ltd Oct 2016 - Present Southampton, UK


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Newbury College Aug 2001 - May 2002
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Loughborough University Oct 1990 - Jun 1995


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Tanya Sargent
What are the considerations for developing a plot with Japanese Rose (Invasive Non Native Species plant) present?
Asked by Tanya Sargent, 3 months ago
Hi Tanya. We would agree with Mike Clough’s advice on remediation options in respect to change of land use plans. Either treating in situ or excavatio ...
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Tom Spilsted
How can I get rid of the horsetail in a garden?
Asked by Tom Spilsted, 7 months ago
Ken is right about using Glyphosate (Roundup) to treat Horsetail. However, Horsetail has a hard casing which means the glyphosate will run off it. Bef ...
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Tom Spilsted
Will Japanese Knotweed ever be eradicated in the UK?
Asked by Tom Spilsted, 8 months ago
@Eugene Kouumdjieff thank you, again!The professional knotweed control contractors in the UK will treat and remove the infestations that adversely aff ...
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Tom Spilsted
Is the discovery of Japanese Knotweed on a project grounds for a variation or extension of time, or is it deemed to be part of the ground condition ri
Asked by Tom Spilsted, 8 months ago
Thank you @Eugene Kouumdjieff This simply depends on the type of contract for the project (i.e. NEC Option A, B, C, etc…). When knotweed is found it n ...
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