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Parliament revamp urged to "avoid HS2 and Crossrail cost trap"

26 April, 2020

An article from Construction News on 24 April 2020 discusses the dangers of a single figure estimate for the budget.

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Defining completion of construction works and extensions of time. RICS guidance.

13 April, 2020

With the current Covid - 19 pandemic and its impact on the construction industry, once the current uncertainty is over how will the parties to contract react, will practical completion be more difficult to agree if a potential tenant or owners have pulled

Extension of time


Practical Completion


A Design Framework for Building Services - 5th Edition - BSRIA

13 April, 2020

A document to help give clarity over the roles and duties of those involved in the design phases of construction projects. In particular the allocation of design responsibilities. 􏰵􏰶􏰳􏰷 􏰸􏰹􏰺􏰻􏰼􏰳􏰽􏰾􏰿 􏰼􏱀 􏱁􏱂􏱂􏱃 􏰷􏱄 􏰽􏱇􏰻􏰲􏰶􏰼􏰷􏱈 􏱄􏱆􏰾􏰶 􏰷􏰽􏰾 􏰶􏱄􏰻􏰾􏰳 􏰲􏱀􏰿 􏰿􏰹􏰷􏰼􏰾􏰳 􏱄􏱉 􏰷􏰽􏱄􏰳􏰾 􏰼􏱀􏱆􏱄􏰻

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Construction prices in the time of coronavirus - April 2020. alinea knowledge

13 April, 2020

Construction prices in the time of Covid-19 - Trying to make sense of it all. Potential downward pressure on prices - Materials costs Competition Economic depression Wages and salaries Potential upward pressure on prices - Low productivity Labour cons

Construction price forecasts


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The best policy for PII cover.Three experts offer advice on how to approach your next renewal.

7 April, 2020

Widespread economic uncertainty, concerns over fire safety in the post-Grenfell era and a shrinking market have caused significant increases to professional indemnity insurance premiums.


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The pandemic could change how we work forever.

6 April, 2020

An article by Iain Parker of Alinea in Building magazine. Being forced to work from home may reveal the benefits of remote working to many companies that have previously resisted the trend.

Communications blackspots. Public - private investment could hold the key to better rural broadband.

6 April, 2020

An article in RICS Modus magazine by Phillip Morris detailing the challenges of getting to 100% coverage in the UK. A case for more collaboration?



Modernizing Project Controls for the Digital Era an E book by Oracle

5 April, 2020

Making the case for modern project controls When you bring up the need for business transformation or project controls, the responses are often lamentably predictable: • “Our current system is outdated and frustrating to project teams, but it’s what we

Construction management



WHO SHOULD HAVE WON S&T v GROVE IN THE SUPREME COURT? A Society of construction law paper.

5 April, 2020

Skeleton arguments for the mock Supreme Court hearing held on 21st January 2020 before members of the Society of Construction Law and the Technology and Construction Bar Association Anthony Speaight QC, Alexander Nissen QC Matthew Thorne and William Webb



Delay analysis making the right choice. A paper by Ramskill Martin

3 April, 2020

If you are unfortunate enough to find yourself having to prepare a retrospective delay analysis you will find that one of the most important decisions to be made is which delay analysis technique should we use?

Concurrent delay


Programme Analysis

Programme Float

UK Government Infrastructure Investment

1 April, 2020

Will the UK Government's £600bn planned major infrastructure investment be impacted by the enormous economic consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic?



Coronavirus Covid-19 - Site Operating Procedures - guidance to construction companies by the Construction Leadership Council (CLC)

1 April, 2020

Site Operating Procedures – Protecting Your Workforce The Construction Leadership Council (CLC) have published guidance to the UK construction companies who are continuing to operate during the Coronavirus Covid-19 crisis

Construction Law



The Society of Construction Law Delay and Disruption Protocol; October 2002

1 April, 2020

Recommendation guide for the determination of Delay and Disruption in Construction Contracts

Concurrent delay

Extension of time

Compensation event


Fine Margins - Delivering financial sustainability in UK construction

1 April, 2020

A detailed report by the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) into the risk management practices of the UK construction industry.



Risks and Opportunities