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How disruption is reshaping the world's largest ecosystem. McKinsey & Company - The next normal in construction - June 2020.

15 June, 2020

Historically the construction industry has underperformed. A changing market environment, technological progress, and disruptive new entrants will trigger industry overhaul. Almost half of incumbent value added is at stake. Transformation will take time,

Overhead and profit



The future


G & T Covid-19 Construction Update

9 June, 2020

A report and update by G & T on the market they are seeing as Covid-19 moves from pandemic to a new normal.

Two stage tenders

Quantity Surveying


Market report

Matthew Syed articles in the Sunday Times - tune your mind into diverse thinking.

7 June, 2020

A series of 3 articles to open your mind 1 - We can go on meeting like this. 2- Out of ideas? Here's how to get creative. 3-How to toast loafers in your team

Diverse thinking

Dynamic cost reporting - An article in the RICS Journal June / July 2020 by Alice Graham

7 June, 2020

Interactive data visualisation tools give businesses the ability to analyse data, gain insights, and improve decision making.

Cost management

Data analysis

The Delicate Position of the Contract Administrator - a paper by Professor Anthony Lavers for the Society of Construction Law

7 June, 2020

A thoughtful paper looking at the potential liability of a professional appointed to administer a construction of engineering contract. 1. Scope of service 2. The final certificate The wider exposure of the Contract administrator.

Final Accounts

Contract Administration

Paying the price. An article by David Greenwood in the RICS Journal April / May 2020.

10 May, 2020

The collapse of Carillion in 2018 shone a spotlight on some of the murkier payment practices in the UK construction industry.



Sticking together. An article by Chris Green in the RICS Journal in April / May 2020.

10 May, 2020

Vertical integration can benefit the construction industry, but contractors, clients and the supply chain must understand when it is most appropriate - and what the potential risks are.

Supply chain

Specialist subcontractor

Construction management

Your word is your bond. An article by Elliot Patsanza in the RICS Journal April / May 2020.

10 May, 2020

With a more detailed understanding of construction bonds, practitioners can manage risks for all parties in a project.

Performance bonds

Advance payment bonds

advance payment

Creating a digital culture. An article by Christopher Sly in RICS Journal April / May 2020.

10 May, 2020

Senioe executives need to persuade their teams to embrace digital momentum if the construction industry is to achieve a much needed digital transformation.


The future

AI could manage construction projects - An article from the RICS Modus magazine February 2019.

10 May, 2020

Artificial intelligence offers easy access to swathes of data and the ability to troubleshoot before an issue arises.

Project management

Ground rules for drone use. An article from the RICS Journal Nov / Dec 2019.

10 May, 2020

Using drones on construction sites can mean improvements at all points of the project triangle : cost, time, and quality.

Building surveying

Land surveying

Tall buildings


Part 36 offers to settle. A guide by Pinsent Masons 14 April 2020.

10 May, 2020

A straight forward short read on what a Part 36 offer to settle is.


JCT official guidance on Covid-19

26 April, 2020

JCT paper on Covid-19 and JCT Contracts. Guidance from the authors of JCT contracts prepared by a past chair of JCT (Joint Contracts Tribunal).


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