Perovskite Solar Paint Technology

15 September, 2020

Will Perovskite based solar paint gain a foothold in the construction industry?




As the world remains firmly focused on dealing with the Corona Virus pandemic yet another massive section of Antarctic ice shelf broke away in the past week or so, providing us with a reminder that climate change remains a far bigger and more long term problem which will affect almost every aspect of our lives. Central to that issue is how quickly and effectively the world's major economies can pivot away from fossil fuels and towards renewable energy sources, one of which is solar energy. Buildings account for about 40% of our total energy use and contribute around one third of our greenhouse gas emissions. New renewable energy technologies which could potentially gain widespread use in the construction industry are therefore incredibly important. Perovskite based solar paint could be one of those new technologies.


  • Perovskite solar paint technology - Sept 2020.pdf ( 762 KB )
  • Perovskite efficiency improvement for solar cells - Oct 2020.pdf ( 254 KB )